My Friend Toto

A new blog, a new beginning. My companion on this journey will be toto, the tiniest blog engine in Oz. I don’t know exactly what I’ll write about here just yet, but between life, the job and everything between, I’m sure I’ll find plenty of material to work with.

For those interested, this blog runs on a slightly customized version of the original toto blog engine (see my fork on github for the details). I’ve added a tagging feature based on Pat Shaughnessy’s own customization. His changes add support for categories (one tag per post), mine generalizes this approach to handle multiple tags per post. The changes are documented in a few tests similar to the ones Pat describes in his post.

The design of the website is based on the grid system and basic styles of Twitter Bootstrap, with some customization. I use Thomas McDonald’s sass-bootstrap gem along with compass to generate the stylesheets for the site, using only the components that I need and overriding defaults (colors, margins, etc.) wherever necessary to get things to fit right.

I look forward to documenting all the gory details of the projects I’m involved in, if for nothing else than to maintain my own sanity. Perhaps if I’m lucky, I’ll even pick up a few readers along the way.

Posted on February 13th, 2013. Filed under: toto, blogging, bootstrap.
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