About the Author

Photo of Chris Salzberg at RubyKaigi 2017

Welcome, dear reader. My name is Chris Salzberg and I'm the author of this blog. You may know me from such popular roles as programmer, writer, speaker, journalist, translator, bridge blogger and, if you go far enough back, researcher.

This page is here to confirm that yes, those people are all, in fact, the same person.

After many false starts, and journeys along too many tangents to remember, I've recently come full circle and rediscovered my childhood passion for words and code. The fantastic worlds I once imagined are now the surroundings in which I live.

The name of this blog is a portmanteau of Dejima and automata. Dejima embodies the experience of a foreign world trapped in a local context. Automata are generators of foreign worlds out of local contexts.

I'm known as shioyama on github, twitter, stackoverflow and everywhere else that matters. For more info see my personal site. The cute little thing in the background is generated from the system described in this paper.